The Lumen – The LCD based SLA 3D Printer.

With FDM 3D Printers being produced at very corner, most of these machines simply do not have the ability and finesse to do small parts at high resolutions, even the machines that CAN pull this off, have print times that are just way too high to be practical. There has always been a need for a machine to print really small parts at seriously high resolution and so this is the part where we introduce, The Lumen!

The Lumen is an LCD Based SLA 3D Printer. By using UV reactive liquid resin, it cures the polymer layer-by-layer until it builds up the 3D print from the bottom up with incredible accuracy.

Now the 3D Printing world is no stranger to this type of technology, Formlabs has been doing this for many years now with the use of lasers which gets pretty pricey but also complicated. DLP 3D printers are doing some awesome and similar work using DLP based Projectors but these machines can get really big since you have to fit an entire projector into the bottom of the machine. The Lumen? It has its own tricks up its sleeve.

The Lumen uses a UV Light source and a high resolution LCD display to control the images that are shown which is proving to be incredibly accurate and MUCH more efficient.

With almost 95% of the frame, chassis and build platform being built of out solid, machined aluminum. This little guy is as solid as a rock! There is simply no room for play at all.  He boasts a build volume of 120L x 60W x 150H (mm) and a 2k (2560 x 1440) resolution LCD Screen (536 PPI). The Z Axis allows The Lumen to get all the way to 30microns in layer height. As you would imagine this gives way to some phenomenal print qualities!

ere is all the specifications it:

Build Volume: 120L x 60W x 150H (mm)
Resolution: 30 microns. 2k (2560 x 1440) 5.5″ LCD Screen.
Light Source: 30W UV LED (405nm)
Power supply:  220 AC. 12V Power Supply built into the printer.
Resin Vat: 0.175mm FEP Film
Communication: USB, Ethernet or WiFi.
Net weight: 8KGs
Physical dimensions: 256L x 214W x 415H (mm)

The Lumen ships with all its cables and accessories and a small toolkit to get you going on your resin printing journey!

The Lumen is capable of using any conventional 3D Printing Resins that can be found on the market today. Netram will have their own 3D Resins available soon! The pricing is ranged between R800 to R1200 a litre depending on the type of resin you’re interested in. Some cure hard, some cure soft and others are made for casting molds.

The Lumen remains relatively open source and runs Photonic3D. By saying that we mean the software that it runs is open source based but if you know what you’re doing with software, you can upgrade your own machine when new versions become available!

The Lumen will be retailing for R18,500 but 10 pre-orders are available for an early bird pricing of a mere R15,600. The pre-orders require a 3 week production lead time but you’re first in line!To find out more please check out The Lumen product page!

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